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I Can Change, I Can Chaaaaaange

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

Adam Jones: Most esteemed Coach Schwartz, The opportunity to play football means more to me than anything else in life.

gobble dots

Pacman Down Wid It

By Big Daddy Drew | 47 comments

Pacman down skeezin' on dem whitecakes when dat Firebox from da corner office tell him shit be back on. OH YEAH, SHIT BE BACK ON.

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Pacman gal-pal summarily defenestrated

By flubby | 109 comments

Sadia Morrison (pictured, seriously), who was convicted for her role in the infamous Pacman Jones strip club shooting, was found dead in New York last Friday.

captain caveman

I Can No Longer Accept the Negative Connotation of Being Associated with a Popular Arcade Game

By Captain Caveman | 38 comments

I'd like to thank you media people for comin' out to this here press conference today.

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Forecast for Dallas: rain

By flubby | 27 comments

ESPN is reporting that the Pac Man Jones to Cowboys trade is finally a done deal.