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a.j. green

Browns-Bengals TNF Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 711 comments

Who knows? The Bengals could trade for Johnny Manziel after tonight.

a.j. green

Browns-Bengals TNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 1,041 comments

Prepare for three hours of Leah Still.

ben rongrastname

Best Moments From Steelers-Bengals

By Christmas Ape | 43 comments

Pittsburgh finds itself two games under.

cincinnati bengals

Pacman Has To Share His Realness

By Christmas Ape | 14 comments

Plenty have ridiculed the idea of Adam (nee Pacman) Jones addressing incoming players at the Rookie Symposium.

Atlanta Falcons

Yup, That’s Grass — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 49 comments

It only took the near destruction of their franchise quarterback, but the Redskins have finally installed a workable playing surface at FedEx Field.

chad johnson

Pacman, Ocho and Merriman In Trouble: It’s 2008 Again!

By Christmas Ape | 7 comments

There are a lot of indications that it's 2013 and not 2008.

bernard pollard

Noodle Robots — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

Not football related, but football isn't doing anything super special at the moment.

cincinnati bengals

Pacman Can’t BULLEE DAT

By Christmas Ape | 6 comments

The Bengals and Broncos had a pretty entertaining game going for a while.