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This Week in F**k You: Button Fly Jeans

By Old James | 146 comments

This is what happens when you let Big Button get a hold of the jeans industry.

anonymous sources

Anonymous NFL Personnel Man is Ready for Some Daggum Football

By Old James | 15 comments

“Death, taxes, and the off-season. Hate ‘em. And you can bet your lily-white ass I’ve cheated my way through all three.”

Old James

This Week In F**k You: “How I Met Your Mother”

By Old James | 153 comments

Ever had a tapeworm? Me neither. But imagine a doctor removing one from your digestive tract, only he forgot the head, and it started to regenerate. That’s the ninth season of “HIMYM”.

crackpot theories

The “True Detective” Theory So Obvious You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Thinking Of It First

By Old James | 49 comments

You’ve read one of the many thousand True Detective theories floating around the Interwebs. Now read another.

anonymous sources

Anonymous NFL Personnel Man Speaks Out

By Old James | 23 comments

"I like my shorts like I like my quarterbacks: sturdy in the pocket, and conceived in a Wal-Mart."


Hollywood Abuzz After “Entourage” Movie Script Is Discovered Within The Leaked Incognito-Martin Text Messages

By Old James | 29 comments

KSK has learned that the entire script for the upcoming "Entourage" movie was hidden within the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin text messaging saga.

bud light

Where Are They Now: The KSK Budweiser Spokesperson Super Bowl Roundup

By Old James | 28 comments

What happens to the stars of Super Bowl TV spots once the limelight has started shining elsewhere? Let's catch up with them, shall we?