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get a mean on

Thursday Night Hype: Chiefs – Raiders

By Old James | 53 comments

Take whatever NSFW precautions necessary, click play, and join me for the ride, won't you?

i'm an idiot

Have I ever eaten cockroach sh*t: A KSK investigation

By Old James | 37 comments

When you eat at Arrowhead Stadium, you take your life into your hands. Or stomach.

Old James

RGIII channels his inner Willie “Mays” Hayes

By Old James | 4 comments

I really hope he told the Bucs defender a few plays prior that "he didn't intend to slide".

buffalo bills

Thursday Night Hype: Bills – Dolphins

By Old James | 77 comments

So on paper, it seems like a good game. I could also write "Tooty McBonerface" on a piece of paper and it'd hold the same value.

cincinnati bengals

Thursday Night Hype: Browns vs. Bengals

By Old James | 75 comments

Get hyped for the rarely relevant battle for Ohio.

Carolina Panthers

Thursday Night Hype: Saints vs. Panthers

By Old James | 60 comments

This one is for all the marbles. All the really sad, underperforming marbels.

denver broncos

Thursday Night Hype: Chargers vs. Broncos

By Old James | 44 comments

Strap in tight, football fans. This week Thursday Night Hype wants to teach you how to hate again.