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captain caveman

‘It’s a Go-Cart, Powered by My Own Sense of Self-Satisfaction’ – Your Week 15 Meast/Least

By Captain Caveman | 47 comments

I'm one of those New York A-holes without a car, so I end up renting a car every Christmas in order to transport my dog down to my sister's place in Maryland.

old favre is BACK

Trust me, some topical cortisone cream should clear that up

By flubby | 8 comments

If these reports are to be believed, Brett Favre's idea of a cure for an itch is getting the shit beaten out of him by opposing defenses for one more season.


Boston Vs. New York? Oh, That’s F–king Original

By Big Daddy Drew | 17 comments

Good to see you two towns get such needed press coverage.


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