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free agency

This Week In F*** You: Having To Wait Six Months To Watch Ryan Fitzpatrick Underthrow Brandon Marshall

By Johnny Sugar | 49 comments

All these free agent moves become less exciting when you remember we have to wait another six months for football.

Johnny Sugar

Let’s Guess What Crazy S*** Might Happen This Offseason

By Johnny Sugar | 64 comments

What other surprises are in store for us this offseason?


KSK Guide To Feigning Interest In Other Sports

By Johnny Sugar | 92 comments

You may not actually care about other sports but KSK can help you look the part.

jacksonville jaguars

Jags’ new practice facility is food court-y

By Unsilent Majority | 18 comments

With Tropical Storm Beryl making everything in Jacksonville all wet and mushy, the Jaguars were forced to conduct some indoor practices.


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