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captain caveman

Jason McIntyre, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes

By Captain Caveman | 120 comments

The Big Lead has long been sports bloggers' quiet in-joke.

college basketball

Holy Crap, Whadid I Miss? Maj’s Off-Topicakke

By Unsilent Majority | 16 comments

You don't have to be a douchebag to be a good skier, but it certainly helps.

It's not a link dump

Random Notes From Around the World

By Unsilent Majority | 22 comments

Football's laborious off-season is officially upon us, but there are all sorts of fun things going on outside of the NFL.

"eat that hashbrown"

Another reason not to put ketchup on a bratwurst

By flubby | 17 comments

Apparently, among our demented readership are some of the twisted bastards at Ketchup Friends.