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Alex Smith

Chiefs-Raiders TNF Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 820 comments

The Raiders threatening to get their first victory in more than a full year.

Alex Smith

Chiefs-Raiders TNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 803 comments

The Raiders honor Ray Guy at halftime and hope the presence of Hall of Famers will inspire the team not to be 0-11.

kansas city chiefs

Thursday Night Football BINGO!

By PFT Commenter | 6 comments

For every Kansas City square ruin your drink by pouring a cup and a half of sugar into your beer and then make fun of someone for being uncultured because they dump a half gallon of vinegar into theirs.

get a mean on

Thursday Night Hype: Chiefs – Raiders

By Old James | 53 comments

Take whatever NSFW precautions necessary, click play, and join me for the ride, won't you?

oakland raiders

Tony Sparano Turns To Fictional Coach To Fire Up Raiders

By Christmas Ape | 43 comments

Stop me if you heard this one: football is a game of inches.

Big Sandy

The KSK Scale of Sadness: Halfway Home

By Big Sandy | 27 comments

And, lo, there is a new champion of sadness.

Big Sandy

Behold: The Sadness Bowl is upon us

By Big Sandy | 57 comments

Bring on the gasoline for me to drink when the game is done.

arizona cardinals

Darnell Dockett 1, Raiders Fans 0

By Old James | 16 comments

Just 'cause he's hurt doesn't mean he can't troll.


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