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cram it with walnuts ugly

You’re Tardy to Smarty Cromartie’s Hearty Bacardi Party

By Trevor Risk | 11 comments

If you were keen on getting on some of Cromartie's popular, single malt football formula, looks like you'll have to settle for a Rodgers-Cromartie blend, because Antonio's currently out of stock.


Nothing moves the pizza pie like comical punches to the crotch.

By flubby | 33 comments

Rather than look on in approval from afar, Jerry Jones seems to inject himself into the action as much as possible.

bad MS Paint

As We Proceed… (Who Shot Ya?) …To Give You What You Need

By Christmas Ape | 24 comments

Late last week, Redskins first-round pick LaRon "The Ron" Landry was paintballed in the groin in an apparent team-building activity with fellow members of the first-team defense.