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David Rappoccio

Kirby eats the NFL!

By David Rappoccio | 63 comments

Everyone's favorite video game blob absorbs the power of NFL stars.

nightmare fuel

A Smug and Angry Jerry Richardson Waiting For You On Line One

By Trevor Risk | 40 comments

Jerry Richardson apparently spends his downtime responding to complaints by his team’s PSL-purchasing fan base personally.

new orleans saints

Sean Payton’s Smile Is Creepy

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 11 comments

Sean Payton' smile is creepy. We wondered how creepy it would be if other public figures and celebrities had his smile.

eric sollenberger

Here’s Some NFL Mascot Redesign Nightmare Fuel From DeviantArt

By Eric Sollenberger | 18 comments

The fan-art website DeviantArt has become known as your one-stop shop for seeing user-submitted drawings of Sonic and Dr.

Big Sandy

RGIII Likeness in Haricut is Amazing, Nightmare Fuel

By Big Sandy | 13 comments

If you're the kind of person who loves your football team so much that you'd get the likeness of its star quarterback shaved into the back of your head, here's hoping you live near the thriving metropolis of Moline, Illinois.

nightmare fuel

We Should Probably Talk About Jeremy Green Being A Pederast

By Big Daddy Drew | 46 comments

Jeremy Green, who I swear I saw once in a country club shower, has been arrested for possessing child porn.

captain caveman

Back By Popular Demand…

By Captain Caveman | 43 comments

As Otto Man noted in the comments earlier, Julius Peppers's freakishly huge grin is reminiscent of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video.