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NFL memes

Some ideas for the new Bucs logo

By David Rappoccio | 30 comments

No need to be conservative Bucs. We want big changes.

NFL memes

NFL Valentines: Non-Candy Hearts Division

By David Rappoccio | 37 comments

Choo-choo-choose to read some more NFL jokes with a Valentine's theme.

NFL memes

The 20 types of people at the Super Bowl party

By David Rappoccio | 68 comments

Keep in mind, most of these can be combined into combo fans.

David Rappoccio

Alternate Pro Bowl uniform ideas

By David Rappoccio | 70 comments

I decided to try out some new ideas for Pro Bowl uniforms. Things they could have done instead, to give the uniforms personality and make the game more fun to see in action.

NFL memes

What if the NFL logos were Hipsters?

By David Rappoccio | 123 comments

The Broncos logo is actually Von Miller.


The Bandwagon fan’s guide to the NFL playoffs

By David Rappoccio | 117 comments

Are you a fan of the Vikings/Cowboys/Bears/Lions/Redskins/Giants/Buccaneers/Falcons/Jaguars/Texans/Titans/Steelers/Browns/Ravens/Rams/Cardinals/Jets/Dolphins/Bills/Raiders.

eli always in the giving spirit

Merry Christmas from the NFL divisions

By David Rappoccio | 85 comments

Divisional holiday cards. Philip Rivers thinks they should be more pious.

aaron hernandez

No. No ‘Hernandezing’. Stop That.

By Christmas Ape | 38 comments

No, it's not that it's too soon or you shouldn't make fun of sleeveless Aaron Hernandez being frog-marched out of his home by the cops.


A Jay Cutler Meme Becomes Real

By Christmas Ape | 29 comments

Busted Coverage spotted a photo that someone took in a strip mall in Tennessee of what appears to be Jay Cutler gripping a pack of cigarettes.