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Atlanta Falcons

KSK Training Camp Round Up Week 1: Hard Hits

By Sarah Sprague | 69 comments

Well isn't that just the cutest tackle you've ever seen?

murder trials not involving Ray Lewis

Texts Between Aaron Hernandez and Bill Belichick Revealed

By StuScott Booyahs | 335 comments

We have managed to obtain a portion of those texts, and are sharing it with you here.

new england patriots

And Here’s Bob Kraft Dancing At A Jay-Z/Beyonce Show

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

Jerry Richardson hates to see this kind of behavior out of a fellow owner.

new england patriots

REPORT: Patriots Target Week 6 for Rob Gronkowski Injury

By Christmas Ape | 53 comments

Complete timetable set for Gronk's return and premature exit.


Is Tom Brady No Longer The Fairest Of Them All?

By Christmas Ape | 102 comments

Dreamboat hasn't been replaced on the field yet but he's already beaten out in the looks department.

new england patriots

We’re (Sadly) At Peak Tom Brady Fashion Reporting Season

By Sarah Sprague | 82 comments

If you’re going to write about Brady and fashion, ease up on the “he looks like a woman” and how it’s all his wife’s fault schtick and you know, actually be funny when you talk about his looks.

buffalo bills

Brandon Spikes Versus Twitter Massholes

By Sarah Sprague | 53 comments

  Newly-minted Buffalo Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes is spending his offseason living the dream, calling out Ray Rice and yelling about "MassHoles" on Twitter.