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We’re (Sadly) At Peak Tom Brady Fashion Reporting Season

By Sarah Sprague | 82 comments

If you’re going to write about Brady and fashion, ease up on the “he looks like a woman” and how it’s all his wife’s fault schtick and you know, actually be funny when you talk about his looks.

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Brandon Spikes Versus Twitter Massholes

By Sarah Sprague | 53 comments

  Newly-minted Buffalo Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes is spending his offseason living the dream, calling out Ray Rice and yelling about "MassHoles" on Twitter.


Tom Brady Already Selling His Crazy Moat Dreamhouse

By Christmas Ape | 34 comments

They say once you have sex in every room, a giant mansion just starts to get old.

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Manning vs. Brady: A Mostly Inaccurate Oral History of Football’s Most Annoying Rivalry

By Old James | 78 comments

This is the never-before-heard story of football’s most cherished rivalry, as told by those closest to them.

new england patriots

The “Tom Brady Left Hanging” Saga Continues

By Christmas Ape | 10 comments

Dissing Brady the true key to the Patriots' success.