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Rob Gronkowski’s ACL tear will not keep him from being in the Entourage movie

By Eric Sollenberger | 5 comments

The Entourage movie is the Super Bowl of Rob Gronkowski's life, so you knew it was going to take more than an ACL to keep him out of it.

new england patriots

Patriots Complaints Now In Magazine Cover Form

By Christmas Ape | 96 comments

The official publication of the Patriots has a rather pointed headline for this week's edition following the Monday night loss in Carolina.

Carolina Panthers

Marcus Cannon Injures Charles Johnson With Leg Whip

By Christmas Ape | 8 comments

On the opening drive of the second half of Monday Night Football, Charles Johnson beat Patriots lineman Marcus Cannon on a running play. Rather than let his assignment go by, Cannon whipped his leg around and took down Johnson with a dirty play. Charles Johnson had to be carted off the field. Likely Cannon will be disciplined. It certainly deserves it.

new england patriots

Gronk’s Football 101 For Women, Showing Ladies How To Dougie

By Sarah Sprague | 17 comments

The video reminds me of an early Godard if Godard were to ever direct a bachelorette party bacchanalia


Tom Brady Went To A Halloween Party As The Cowardly Lion

By Christmas Ape | 39 comments

Accompanying wife Gisele, dressed as Dorothy, Dreamboat donned a Cowardly Lion costume for a costume party in Boston on Monday night.

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Week 8 Early Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,237 comments

Lions-Cowboys highlights the early slate. Sorry if your fantasy team is counting on Jimmy Graham.