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captain caveman

Sexy Friday: Farewell, Battlestar Galactica, We Hardly Knew Ye. No Seriously, We Never Watched the Show

By Captain Caveman | 33 comments

What with me devoting all my time to paying attention to TV news these days, I'm of course aware that tonight is the two-hour series finale of the much-beloved re-imagining of "Battlestar Galactica.

Big Daddy Drew

Tonight, The Final Battle Between Good And Evil Begins… With A Very Long, Spoiler-Laden Preview

By Big Daddy Drew | 52 comments

Very Deep Announcer Voice: Tonight… They were just ordinary people… Claire: God, I feel so ordinary despite my flawless skin and supple curves.

nerds geeks dweebs herbs and assorted loserdom

Super Mario vs. One of Those Gay Manning Koopa Kids. WHO YA GOT?

By Christmas Ape | 22 comments

Hey, it's a match-up for former number 1 picks who actually panned out into pretty good players.