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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons-Lions Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 720 comments

After getting a decisive statement victory over the Giants last Sunday, a very Atlanta response would be dropping the follow-up against the Lions, if for no other reason than to give all the pundits.

Aaron Rodgers

Lions-Packers Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 1,051 comments

Detroit jumped out to a 14-point lead, then proceeded to give it away in a highly Lions fashion.

Aaron Rodgers

Lions-Packers Live Blog, First Half

By Christmas Ape | 818 comments

So it seems the NFL doesn't flex bad games out of the Sunday night slot anymore.

Cleveland Browns

Jets Fans Somewhat Displeased With Godawful Quarter – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 46 comments

Someone has produced video of Jets fans berating and screaming obscenities at the team's players as they exited the field for the locker room at halftime of their blowout loss to New England on Thanksgiving.

matt schaub

Suh Nut Shots Dot Tumblr Dot Com

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

A GIF too important to wait for a recap.


The Best Moments From Lions-Bears

By Christmas Ape | 39 comments

The Bears may not exactly have been what you could describe as completely dominant in their Monday night win over the Lions, but they had one of those games where they held off the Lions on so many occasions when it seemed like Detroit might make it a tight game that it felt like Chicago was toying with them.

Brandon Marshall

Lions-Bears Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 598 comments

Well the Lions can't play offense, suck at defending the pass, but they are doing a pretty good job of containing Matt Forte, so hooray for small triumphs.

Brandon Marshall

Lions-Bears Live Blog, First Half

By Christmas Ape | 636 comments

The two previous prime time games that featured the Bears this season were nothing if not amusing.

aqib talib

Your Week 6 Early Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 840 comments

This week, All-Hype Glory Boy first team defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was reportedly involved in his third traffic incident within the last year.

detroit lions

Presenting The All-Hype Glory Boy Team

By Christmas Ape | 104 comments

A general manager recently gave a rather astringent - and completely anonymous - assessment of the struggling Detroit Lions to Pro Football Weekly that touched off a bit of a flap.