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Jay Cutler Triumphant After Throwing Masterful Pass Interference Penalty

By Christmas Ape | 70 comments

I don't think I've ever seen more interceptions overturned by penalty in a single game than the array that were negated tonight.

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You Poor Self-Immolating 49ers

By Christmas Ape | 29 comments

Alex Smith is pickin' AND I'M GRINNIN' Jeebus, San Francisco, you couldn't possibly try harder to give this game away, could you.

Jon Gruden

THIS GUY, He’s a Surgeon With Outstanding Generalship, This Guy

By Christmas Ape | 46 comments

Jon Gruden exemplified MAXIMUM DENSITY during his performance in the booth tonight.


Rivers Leads the League in Grit, But Orton Leads the League in Jack

By Christmas Ape | 32 comments

Credit to the Something Awful forums For the second time in the first six weeks of the season, MNF announcers have pronounced a starting QB to be "leading the league in grit.


Don’t Sleep on Favre’s Eye Discipline!

By Christmas Ape | 43 comments

Favre was actually halfway competent on the big stage against a team he might have played for at some point if I heard everyone on my TV properly.

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Only Delhomme Lived Up to His End of the Turnover Bargain

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

And that's too bad, because it would have been tremendous to watch Jerry see the first two games in his Colossatorium blow up in his leathery face.

matron saint

The Colts Had the Ball for Under 15 Minutes and Won? GTFO!

By Christmas Ape | 52 comments

Mayhap it has something to do with the Dolphins having a two-minute drill (actually, they started their final drive with 3:17 remaining) that makes Andy Reid salivate for something other than a 20-piece family meal from Popeye's, plus two Quizno's footlong mesquite chicken with bacon subs with extra meat, plus one large Trough O' Lard.

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Midwesterners Love Their Cold Like Kornheiser Loves a Hot Favre Injection

By Christmas Ape | 72 comments

A season of Monday Night Football draws to a close (pleasebeTK'slastpleasebeTK'slast) with another night of 10,000 Favre mentions and Tony Kornheiser raving about the existence of team songs.