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Better Know A Draft Pick: Christian Ponder

By Monday Morning Punter | 21 comments

Name: Christian Ponder Position: Quarterback School: Florida State Age: 23 Height: 6 feet, 3 inches Weight: 228 lbs Nicest comparison: A more cerebral Matt Leinart.

i play too many video games

How Do Sets Of Pixels Get Concussions, Anyway?

By Monday Morning Punter | 39 comments

It's probably premature to be discussing Madden NFL 12 amid all of the lawsuits and injunctions that we just know aren't going to be in that year's game, but there's one new "feature" coming out that, in its own special way, kinda p:sses me off.

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‘No, Really. I’m NEVER Coming Back.’

By Monday Morning Punter | 84 comments

Some of you people think I'm bluffing when I say that I'm leaving Cincinnati.

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‘I Will Be The Greatest Boyfriend I Can Be’

By Monday Morning Punter | 70 comments

Some of you may have found out recently that I don't have a girlfriend, and some people say that I don't want one.

fun with peter king


By Monday Morning Punter | 76 comments

I'm glad to hear that Peter King is having such a great time in North Texas.