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Tim Tebow For Tim Tebow Statues

By Monday Morning Punter | 29 comments

When you think of me, Tim Tebow, I want you to think of one thing: hustle and determination.

Atlanta Falcons

Football Fans In The South Are Crazy

By Monday Morning Punter | 21 comments

Most people that have lived in the deep south understand the difficulty that pro football endures in winning over hearts and minds in the Bible Belt.

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KSK Kommenter Draft: Recording Artist Who Would Perform While Following You Around All Day

By Monday Morning Punter | 339 comments

It's a well-established principle that every hero should have his own theme music, but what about us average bears who spend our days in adversity-free anonymity.


Grading Donovan McNabb’s ‘Blackness’

By Monday Morning Punter | 61 comments

The discussion of whether or not a certain human being is "black enough" is really quite disgusting.


Matt Ryan Explained

By Monday Morning Punter | 20 comments

In order to prepare for the upcoming season, Matt Ryan and his teammates are practicing without pads or helmets.

human trafficking is a serious problem

Mike Mayock’s ‘Other’ Big Board

By Monday Morning Punter | 52 comments

Don't get me wrong, there's no more exciting period in the spring than the NFL Draft, but once the draft is over, my time and energy goes to my second passion: ranking and grading the rising stars in the world of porn.


NFL Draft Pick? Or Registered Sex Offender?

By Monday Morning Punter | 25 comments

For the podcast this week, we played a game called "NFL Draft Pick Or Registered Sex Offender.