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Chicken Fried Bacon Main

Super Bowl Foodball Recipe: Chicken Fried Bacon Two Ways With Sausage Gravy

By Sarah Sprague | 35 comments

A little more than a week from now and it's nothing but stale popcorn and basketball games; sunflower seeds, salads and baseball; hockey and arena nachos that never give you enough cheese. May as well get a slab of bacon, slice it, fry it, dip it in sausage gravy and eat it while the final rays of football's shining light falls upon our faces.

Toasted BLT Bread 1 A

Foodball: Toasted BLT Bread

By Sarah Sprague | 19 comments

It's the last weekend before the New Year diets kick in, so why not spend this last rivalry-filled Sunday of the regular season with as much bacon, cheese and carbs you can possibly eat. Our nerves are going to need them all.