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From Florio’s “Drafts” Folder: Marshawn Lynch’s New Gold Cleats Prove He Is Soft

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 27 comments

They're painted with actual gold leaf, and the bottoms are all shiny and chromey. Pretty nice shoes!

colin kaepernick

Silly Mike Florio Thinks He Matters

By Christmas Ape | 39 comments

PFT's Iron Mike Florio thinks he and his fellow media trolls can make Colin Kaepernick lose his job.

media whores

Mike Florio Really Wants To Believe In A Media Conspiracy

By Christmas Ape | 86 comments

Mike Florio sees diabolical things in the timing of the Outside the Lines report on Ray Rice and the NFL, because of course he does.

jim harbaugh

Mike Florio: Ya Burnt

By Christmas Ape | 63 comments

It's not often an NFL owner comes out looking good, so let's just appreciate this while we can.


RGIII’s Retirement Plans: Sit In Big House, Drink

By Danger Guerrero | 42 comments

There's a big huge cover story about RGIII in this month's GQ that focuses on his rehab from knee surgery and the Rob Parker controversy and so forth, but the real fun is in the outtakes, which were posted this morning.

jacksonville jaguars

Mike Florio Got In A Twitter Fight With An NFL Mascot

By Christmas Ape | 40 comments

An important thing to remember about sports media trolls is that, as much as they gleefully dish out provocation at others, they're incredibly thin-skinned when criticism is leveled at them.

mike florio's comedy jam

Welcome To Mike Florio’s Comedy Jam: New York Jets Bank Robber Edition

By Burnsy | 24 comments

For a lot of NFL reporters, the post-draft lull is a dark, depressing time filled with fluff pieces and human interest stories, as there’s only so much Titus Young to go around.


Mike Florio Says Geno Smith Is A Big Baby For Not Attending Day Two Of The Draft

By Christmas Ape | 35 comments

Though more than a few analysts had predicted he would be Top 10 pick, Geno Smith sat around all night on Thursday without being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.


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