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Hollywood Abuzz After “Entourage” Movie Script Is Discovered Within The Leaked Incognito-Martin Text Messages

By Old James | 29 comments

KSK has learned that the entire script for the upcoming "Entourage" movie was hidden within the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin text messaging saga.

eric sollenberger

Ryan Tannehill’s wife left his assault rifle in the backseat of a rental car

By Eric Sollenberger | 122 comments

What started out as a thread on reddit after one user submitted the picture of a gun found in the trunk of a friends' rental car took a turn for the hilarious when it was revealed that the weapon belonged to Ryan Tannehill, and was left behind when his wife Lauren returned their rental car.

miami dolphins

Ryan Tannehill Getting Picked

By Christmas Ape | 1 comment

The rare self pick. The subtle nose wipe at the end is meant to freeze the safety.


Dolphins Field Goal Snap Goes Off Holder’s Face

By Christmas Ape | 4 comments

Just be thankful their kicker isn't Ray Finkle. He'd take that personally.

miami dolphins

Miami Speedo Man Returns

By Christmas Ape | 10 comments

[via] This past week, we put a clarion call for justice for Miami Speedo Man, who appeared to be thrown out of Sun Life Stadium just for being a scantily dressed, thoroughly waxed man.

Big Sandy

Report: More Incognito shenanigans uncovered in Ted Talks

By Big Sandy | 8 comments

The Richie Incognito/bullying investigation continues to churn out new juicy tidbits that's sure to make The Rog's ginger hairs stand on in, stuff that makes the harassment of a former team staff member seem pretty tame by comparison.

Big Sandy

Report: Incognito harassed Dolphins staffer, bigger a-hole than anyone realized

By Big Sandy | 69 comments

According to one of the sources, Incognito would sometimes dress in garb from the staff member’s culture and then make profane jokes about that culture. A second source said that at least one other player joined in on the antics, creating an extremely uncomfortable environment for the staff member.


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