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Meast and Least for Week 9

By Christmas Ape | 36 comments

Nick Foles: both Meast and Least in a three-week span.

Adam Schefter

Richie Incognito Ordered the Code Red

By Old James | 62 comments

Yesterday, current (and probably former) Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito was exposed as a violent, racist, defecation exhibitionist when voice mails he’d left teammate Jonathan Martin were made public.

andy dalton

Walk Off Safety!

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

It certainly wasn't the prettiest game ever, but you can't feel cheated by watching just the third overtime safety in NFL history.

cincinnati bengals

Giovani Bernard Breaks Two Brent Grimes Tackles On Amazing TD Run

By Christmas Ape | 18 comments

Bengals' rookie running back Giovani Bernard had perhaps the most impressive touchdown run of the season early in the fourth quarter against the Dolphins to tie the game at 17.

AJ Green

Bengals-Dolphins DEAD Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 1,114 comments

The Bengals were expected to do well. They can't let that stand.

andy dalton

Bengals-Dolphins Halloween DEAD Blog, First Half

By Christmas Ape | 652 comments

Tough break for the NFL to have its most enticing primetime game of either last week or this week fall on Halloween, when single people are busy getting hammered and flirty while married people with young kids are stuck squiring their kids through the neighborhood for at least the early part of the evening.

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Week 8 Early Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,237 comments

Lions-Cowboys highlights the early slate. Sorry if your fantasy team is counting on Jimmy Graham.

miami dolphins

Upon Further Review, Dolphins Mascot Says No Good

By Christmas Ape | 4 comments

The Dolphins attempted a desperation 57-yard field goal to tie Baltimore at the end of regulation.

miami dolphins

The Bad Mike Wallace Drop Of The Week

By Christmas Ape | 5 comments

Ray Rice fumbled in the first quarter, giving the Dolphins great field position trailing the Ravens 3-0.