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book whoring

“Trust me, there’s a great deal wrong with this man.”

By Big Daddy Drew | 81 comments

I exhausted my capacity for whoring "Men With Balls" a while back, save for the ginormous ad to my immediate right.

Aaron Rodgers will play the part of Cringer

NFL Players As He-Man Villains

By Big Daddy Drew | 29 comments

Your Men With Balls contest winner is the ever-reliable Grimey, who used his fabulous secret powers to present us with this gallery of NFL stars as He-Man villains.

balls and pussy in the same post?

REMINDER: Entertain us! Dance, you little monkeys!

By Captain Caveman | 29 comments

NOTE: Before reading the entirety of this post, please understand that there are some slightly NSFW-ish images that follow.

Big Daddy Drew

The KSK Men With Balls Tip Contest

By Big Daddy Drew | 39 comments

In closing, gentle reader, I'd like to thank you.


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