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baltimore ravens

ESPN Writer Says Ray Lewis Deserves A Free Pass On PED Use

By Christmas Ape | 100 comments

Jeffri Chadiha has worked for Sports Illustrated and now resides at ESPN, so the man knows from terrible writing and trolling.

baltimore ravens

Ray Lewis Says No One Is Qualified To Question Him And The Media Thinks That’s Great

By Christmas Ape | 107 comments

It's the purported job of the press to ask questions of public figures in the pursuit of getting useful, revealing answers for the public.


Who Is At Fault For RGIII’s Injury? The Turf? Mike Shanahan? Or Is It… Jay Cutler?!?

By Christmas Ape | 71 comments

Robert Griffin III is a huge deal, so he has been an absolute magnet for dumb commentary all season, but especially since his possibly catastrophic knee injury that occurred in the Wild Card loss to the Seahawks.


Arian Foster Flips The Troll Tactics On Dan Shaughnessy

By Christmas Ape | 29 comments

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy is such an incredibly hacky trolling dickhead that even Boston sports fans typically disavow the notion that his views are representative of their own.

media whores

How Your Terrible Media Cycles Are Made

By Christmas Ape | 13 comments

RT @profootballtalk: Mort: Keep an eye on Jon Gruden as a coaching candidate

colin kaepernick

David Whitley Is A For-Real Racist

By Christmas Ape | 186 comments

Lots of times we've poked fun at sportswriters or announcers for praising overmuch a white athlete's heart, grit, gumption or whatever other term they invoke when they see a bit of themselves in an undersized white slot receiver who shows he actually belongs on the field with his more physically skilled, darker skinned peers.

Carolina Panthers

Adam Schefter Is Doing Jerry Richardson’s Bidding

By Christmas Ape | 7 comments

ESPN's reporting bot, Adam Schefter, uncorked an exclusive nugget early on Sunday: that the Panthers have been the target of Los Angeles overtures to court an NFL franchise to the City of Angels.

media whores

Dan Shaughnessy Isn’t Even Good At Trolling

By Christmas Ape | 84 comments

Masshole provocateur Dan Shaughnessy has sloppily manufactured opinions calibrated to elicit maximum outrage about Chiefs fans cheering for Matt Cassel's injury on Sunday.

media whores

So Long, Hard Knocks

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

It's fair to argue that the most recent season of "Hard Knocks" was the worst in the show's history.


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