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Matt Stafford Caught His Own Derp For a TD

By Christmas Ape | 9 comments

Whether it's being unaware of snaps hitting him or fumbling the ball to himself for a touchdown, it's been a promising young season for Matt Stafford being ridiculous.

detroit lions

Matt Stafford’s Not Expecting The Snap Face: Still Great

By Christmas Ape | 2 comments

Let's forget that Stafford ended up throwing a touchdown on the play after this and just focus on the stupid face being made.

detroit lions

The Lions Gave Matt Stafford $43 Million Guaranteed

By Christmas Ape | 25 comments

To celebrate, the most unflattering Stafford GIF on file.

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The Best Moments From Week 11 Sunday

By Christmas Ape | 48 comments

I doubt anyone looks good cheering wildly for their favorite team, but this mongoloid in the J.


The Best Moments From Lions-Bears

By Christmas Ape | 39 comments

The Bears may not exactly have been what you could describe as completely dominant in their Monday night win over the Lions, but they had one of those games where they held off the Lions on so many occasions when it seemed like Detroit might make it a tight game that it felt like Chicago was toying with them.


The Best Moments From Week 2 Sunday

By Christmas Ape | 58 comments

Even though the result of the night game never seemed in doubt, yesterday was a tremendously exciting Sunday.

captain caveman

Meast and Least of the Week in the Game of the Year

By Captain Caveman | 31 comments

By now we've all digested and forgotten last week's Cleveland-Detroit game, a matchup between two terrible 1-8 teams from depressing, cold cities.