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Why Yes, Jason and Brill Garrett Do Dress to Match

By Unsilent Majority | 30 comments

But that's not all you can learn from Marty B's new video tour of his "house" aka Cowboys Stadium.


By Unsilent Majority | 9 comments

I want what he's smoking.

captain caveman

Martellus Bennett: Four-Eighths Black, Two-Thirds Cowboy, All Awesome

By Captain Caveman | 34 comments

Lots of people complain that Twitter is a pointless waste of time.

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A Shame There is No Popcorn to Go With This

By Christmas Ape | 26 comments

After the runaway success of Marty B's blog post on ladyfarts, a few readers noticed a subsequent entry in which he proclaims the tight end combo of he and Jason Witten to be "Rice and Beans." Well, they weren't the only ones.