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Big Sandy

Cowboys “suk” thanks to BRAND FAIL

By Big Sandy | 36 comments

A crash-course in ill-advised NFL Hashtags

Big Sandy

NFL apparently planning five London games for next year

By Big Sandy | 9 comments

If the NFL can't have a team there, they'll just play a game there every week

future shock

League Adds Third London Game, Bets On Jaguars Existing Until 2016

By Trevor Risk | 20 comments

Two weeks away from a Jaguars-49ers game at Wembley, the NFL announced today that they're adding a third regular season matchup as part of their "International Series" that over the past decade has devolved from 100,000 attended preseason games in Mexico City and Terrell Davis' coming out party in Japan, to a regular appearance by Jag Rags in England and the occasional game in Toronto that's so sleepy it makes the Edward Jones Dome and its Ram Rules* look like an Amon Tobin show.

Big Sandy

Patriots Fans Even Annoying in London

By Big Sandy | 19 comments

Yesterday, the NFL held the first of two 2013 games in London, a surprisingly interesting affair between the Vikings and Steelers that was so good, Ben Roethlisberger couldn't put on his socks afterwards.

Cleveland Browns

Week 4 Early Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,480 comments

Last week, the Browns made waves by trading away their best and most celebrated offensive player and responded by beating another terrible team using the services of Brian Hoyer.

Battle of 0-3

America-England Football translation guide

By David Rappoccio | 38 comments

So this week our glorious commissioner has bestowed our former parent country with the gift of football.


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