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eric sollenberger

Lions sign Carlin Isles, fastest rugby player in the world, to practice squad

By Eric Sollenberger | 23 comments

In keeping with an old Detroit Christmas tradition, the Lions have nothing to play for in week 17. But they made a surprise move that will allow us to post some boxing day speed-porn.

LeSean McCoy
Photo credit: SI

REMINDER: Barry Sanders Was Awesome

By Danger Guerrero | 48 comments

I was watching the Eagles-Patriots preseason game this week because I am an addict and I have a problem, and as the Monday Night crew was discussing the members of the Eagles offense, Jon Gruden compared running back LeSean McCoy to Barry Sanders.

kill kill kill

Man, The Deadliest Kill, Kill, Kill Of All

By Christmas Ape | 30 comments

Most weeks, we're all too happy to watch from afar, safe in the comfort of our home or office, as wild animals tear into one another for our voyeuristic thrill.