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Cowboys-Eagles Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 911 comments

Dallas jumped out to a 21-0 lead, but Philly chipped away before halftime.

Carolina Panthers

Panthers-Eagles MNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 912 comments

Mark Sanchez makes his first start as an Eagle against the struggling Panthers.


Eagles-Colts MNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 1,018 comments

Eagles vs. Colts. Two teams expected to own their respective bad divisions.

Big Sandy

Shady Throws Shade at Knowshon Moreno

By Big Sandy | 7 comments

No one knows exactly who peed in LeSean McCoy's Corn Flakes Sunday morning but he started up an allegedly new beef with the Broncos' Knowshon Moreno anyway.

Breesus Christ

The Best Moments From Eagles-Saints

By Christmas Ape | 36 comments

With another Eagles loss in a game that they had quite a few squandered chances to win, or at least make competitive, the assumption is that the death knell has sounded for both Andy Reid and Michael Vick in Philadelphia.


Giants-Eagles Live Blog, First Half

By Christmas Ape | 1,050 comments

With a bitter division rivalry being renewed, this week various media spent time exhuming the longstanding war of words between LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyiora.

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REMINDER: Barry Sanders Was Awesome

By Danger Guerrero | 48 comments

I was watching the Eagles-Patriots preseason game this week because I am an addict and I have a problem, and as the Monday Night crew was discussing the members of the Eagles offense, Jon Gruden compared running back LeSean McCoy to Barry Sanders.