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Always Be Covering

LOLNFL/Always Be Covering Mashup

By Unsilent Majority | 33 comments

I'm finally back from the wedding/honeymoon fun, so this is a short week for me.


We’ll Be Doing A Little Chillaxin’ This Week PLUS: KSK FF Contest Winner

By Monday Morning Punter | 95 comments

Just as you are, we're gearing up for the holiday that celebrates challenging authority, blowing shit up, and casually neglecting the rights of women.

bad MS Paint

KSK PSA: Piss Your Own Excellence for a Week, Why Don’cha?

By Christmas Ape | 107 comments

We're coming up on our first anniversary here at KSK and I gotta tell you, it's been a great ride, what with all the antagonizing sportswriters, antagonizing readers, antagonizing commenters, spurning loved ones, race-baiting, hippie bashing, NASCAR debasing (why, patron saint, why?), soft porn purveying, gay unicorn planet watching, and, lately, the posting of lots and lots of improbable fictionalized dialogues between NFL figures.