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chicago bears

Requiem For An Orton

By Christmas Ape | 64 comments

In which our inebriated hero saunters off into the sunset.

dallas cowboys

Eagles-Cowboys Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 1,014 comments

Orton could have been worse and plenty better.

bad MS Paint

Late game open thread: Neckbeard’s Revenge

By flubby | 319 comments

It's a rare NFL Sunday when the late-afternoon slate is more attractive than the early games, but this week's schedule is back-loaded with games fraught with playoff implications.

As humorous as it is timely!

Please Take Me Back (For Your Fantasy Team)

By Monday Morning Punter | 27 comments

Look, I know it's been a rough road, especially with you going to England soon, but just give me another chance.