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KTFO Theatre: Try to Fine Him for This One

By Christmas Ape | 31 comments

Your numbell one smirretime leceivel doesn't like getting fines for plays he doesn't get flagged for, and this is a classic example.

lsufreek photoshops

KTFO: Sage Rosenfails is your helicopter

By flubby | 18 comments

In case you need tangible confirmation that we live in a nation composed largely of brain-dead morons, take a look at this week's number one movie.

new to me dammit

KTFO Theatre: Kimbo Slice returns to football

By flubby | 44 comments

Before Kimbo Slice was a middling MMA fighter, he was a middling internet sensation.

bad MS Paint

Raiders’ latest questionable investment gets Deebo’d

By flubby | 26 comments

Javon Walker has really changed his ways after witnessing up-close the murder of friend and teammate Darrent Williams on New Year's Day 2007.

still hungover

Who got KTFO? Chris Henry got KTFO.

By flubby | 3 comments

Commissioner Roger Goodell recently increased the penalty for first-time violators of the NFL's banned substance policy from a four-game suspension to a four-game suspension and then getting knocked the fuck out on national television.


‘Lights Out’ got knocked the f*ck out

By flubby | 27 comments

Shawne Merriman got freaking killed by Maurice Jones-Drew.


Reggie Bush adds another Sports Illustrated cover to his resume

By flubby | 17 comments

Reggie seemingly has a charmed life, so he probably takes this minor embarrassment in stride.