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sarah sprague

The KSK Mailbag: Dating Your Coworker, Date-Dates and Weekly Fantasy Leagues

By Sarah Sprague | 108 comments

Dating someone going through a separation seems like quick way to end up in a heap of trouble.

captain caveman

Draft Day Mailbag: Eric Ebron’s proposal, TV recaps, and conspiracy theories

By Captain Caveman | 151 comments

[caption id="attachment_87319" align="aligncenter" width="594" caption=""White Power.

ksk mailbag

KSK Fantasy Football and Sex Mailbag: Stop worrying about the passage of time

By Sarah Sprague | 104 comments

While Ufford is off in Paris with his lovely bride on vacation, Sarah Sprague is taking your questions in his stead.

captain caveman

KSK Mailbag: For real, stop dating suicidal people, people

By Captain Caveman | 95 comments

Getty Image This is two weeks in a row where we're dealing with dating people who've attempted suicide.

it's satire people

The PFT Commenter Super Bowl Mail-Pail

By PFT Commenter | 29 comments

Well folks its pretty much the best to weeks of the year.

But if I'm Batman then who are you?

KSK Sex & Fantasy Mailbag: House Parties and Being Arty, Replacement Ufford Edition

By Trevor Risk | 21 comments

Full discretion: Matt is off this week, so you’re stuck with rookie KSK Kontributor Trevor Risk. That may create some groans and skepticism from some of you noble followers (what do you call yourselves? The Matt Pack?), but hopefully you have enough mulled wine left over from your holiday that you’re too numb to really get that riled up about it.

ksk mailbag


By Sarah Sprague | 105 comments

Ufford's traveling, so I'm covering mailbag duties again this week in his absence.

ksk fantasy sex advice mailbag

We Haven’t Actually Been Waiting For You – The KSK Sex And Fantasy Football Mailbag

By Christmas Ape | 101 comments

Ufford is still on his honeymoon until next week, so you're stuck with Your Friendly Neighborhood Advice Ape for this installment of the mailbag.