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KSK Kommenter Drakt: Public Figure You’d Like To See Get His/Her Own Weekly Show

By Monday Morning Punter | 150 comments

The world discovered the hidden gem that is New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan earlier this week, and I won't be the first person to point out that Ryan acts exactly the way that he has been portrayed here.

Big Ben

Coming to VH1: ‘Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch’

By Captain Caveman | 148 comments

Here's the trailer for VH1's upcoming reality show, "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

donuts is there anything they can't do?

This Week’s KSK Commenter Draft: Food Stuff You Would Steal While Drunk At 3AM

By Big Daddy Drew | 146 comments

Ever since Golden Tate got busted for trying to steal a maple bar from Top Pot donuts, that’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been thinking about.

captain caveman

Commenter Draft: Continuous Sound You Want to Hear During a Sporting Event

By Captain Caveman | 137 comments

The World Cup is now underway, and like the Olympics or getting lap dances, it's a half-decent way to pass the time until NFL training camp starts.

ksk commenter drafts

Commenter Draft: Activity That Requires An International Competition

By Christmas Ape | 126 comments

A recent depressing, if not entirely methodologically sound, Rasmussen survey showed that nearly 1 in 3 Americans have no idea which sport in being played in the World Cup.


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