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Inside a Patriots’ tailgate…

By flubby | 53 comments

We kid Patriot fans a lot around here, but we do it out of love.

dallas cowboys

Terence Newman Is A Cowboy Little Girl

By Unsilent Majority | 13 comments

Dallas cornerback Terence Newman had never been on a roller coaster before, so some of those diligent mainstream media types decided to take him for his virgin ride on Tony Hawk's Big Spin.

good-natured jocularity

Packers fans engage in some wholesome male bonding

By flubby | 16 comments

This is a pretty funny video, except it is marred by a small-- yet bothersome-- error.

dallas is going down gary down

History can be so unkind to the losers

By flubby | 39 comments

The BuzzCuts wayback machine takes us to the early 1990's where we meet Mark Miller: Buffalo Bills Fan.

cincinnati bengals

Adventures in droll tunesmithery: “F*** You Carson Palmer”

By flubby | 31 comments

> Seems Carson Palmer's loyalty to his alma mater is still a sore spot with some Ohio State fans.

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan + show-tunes = FABU !!!

By flubby | 27 comments

Here we have Atlanta Falcons' first-round picks Matt Ryan and Sam Baker enjoying the theater standing uncomfortably at center-stage while the cast of Oklahoma.