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kevin everett meast of the week

The Kevin Everett Meast Is Now the Sean Taylor Meast — Forever

By Captain Caveman | 76 comments

We really enjoyed having the Meast named after a different person every year.

captain caveman

Kevin Everett Meast of the Week – Week 11

By Captain Caveman | 23 comments

The Meast of the Week column, as much as the members of the Gay Mafia try to shrug it off onto someone else, is actually one of the least restrictive features we have on this site.

bored at work

Work Kinda Blows + This Week’s Meast

By Monday Morning Punter | 34 comments

9:04 AMFred: hey manLandon: hey buddyFred: another awesome day at work, eh.

Big Daddy Drew

Kevin Everett Meast Of The Week – Week 9

By Big Daddy Drew | 19 comments

This is old news, but I'd like to talk for a moment about Larry Craig, that one Senator who was busted in the airport for trying to score a quick layover motorboating.

captain caveman

Kevin Everett GOULET! Meast of the Week — Week 8: Halloween Advice Special

By Captain Caveman | 22 comments

We're taking a one-week respite from honoring Kevin Everett's valiant recovery to remember a fallen hero: Robert Goulet.

kevin everett meast of the week

Kevin Everett Honorary Meast of the Week and a Moratorium on Talking About Obnoxious Pats Fans

By Christmas Ape | 31 comments

We've reached our threshold for discussing how much we hate New England's fans, at least for the remainder of the week.

captain caveman

Kevin Everett Meast of the Week — Week 6: Just Keepin’ It Real, Yo

By Captain Caveman | 18 comments

This week's Kevin Everett update is the best one yet: the Bills tight end with the broken neck is now walking on his own.

fake holidays

Kevin Everett Honorary Meast of the Week: National Coming Out Day Special HEYYYY

By Christmas Ape | 14 comments

Today is 20th annual National Coming Out Day, in which "members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and tranny hooker communities and their supporters (often referred to as "allies" or, if you're the Dead Tree Crew, "FAGGOTS") show pride and wish for planets full of unicorns.


Kevin Everett Memorial Honorary Meast of the Week: Week 3, in Which the Negro Uber Mensch Carries the Day

By Christmas Ape | 11 comments

We've been so engaged in mock-sincere recriminations over who is most slighted, black quarterbacks, white receivers, Asian claims adjusters or half-German and half-Brazilian big tittied personal palm frond wavers that it seems that we've lost sight of what matters most.


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