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The NFL Found a Way To Offend Muslims Too

By Christmas Ape | 62 comments

And now the NFL finds another group to infuriate.

caviar dreams

KSK Reviews It: Clark Hunt’s Arrowhead Stadium Lair

By Old James | 31 comments

All rankings are in a scale of diamonds, because I assume the wealthy live like James Bond villains.

Johnny Sugar

Derrick Johnson Likely Out For Season With Injured Achilles

By Johnny Sugar | 4 comments

Week 1 continues to be a sobering reminder of just how common gruesome injuries can be in the NFL.

eric berry

Chiefs Apparently Playing 2014 Without Secondary

By Trevor Risk | 49 comments

For a team that got embarrassed and destroyed by having a cheesecloth secondary in the playoffs last year, the Chiefs sure haven't made moves to secure that side of their defense, whether or not it's because of salary cap space or bad luck with injuries.

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Requiem For An Orton

By Christmas Ape | 64 comments

In which our inebriated hero saunters off into the sunset.