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Other Team Versions Of “Favre-Rodgers-Starr” Day

By Johnny Sugar | 24 comments

On Sunday, the Packers found a reason to celebrate all their awesome quarterbacks. What can other, less fortunate franchises do?

2015 NFL Draft

How The F*** Is Jameis Winston Still The Presumptive No. 1 Pick?!

By Johnny Sugar | 132 comments

The Buccaneers are going to spend a No. 1 pick on an alleged rapist who just happened to regress significantly in his second year, and nothing is going to stop them.

four loko

KSK Konnoisseur Klub: Flavored Malt Liquor Edition

By Johnny Sugar | 67 comments

Today, we'll be looking and some of the many flavored malt beverages crowding the cooler at your local convenience store.

dan fucking snyder Petition Asks NFL To Eliminate White Mascots

By Johnny Sugar | 65 comments

Have you ever thought NFL team names like "Patriots" and "Vikings" were totally reverse racist towards white people? Well, have I got a petition for you!

Johnny Sugar

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Aaron Rodgers

By Johnny Sugar | 19 comments

Truly, Aaron Rodgers is a beacon of hope to all the struggling former backup QBs out there.

Johnny Sugar

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Special Philadelphia Eagles Edition

By Johnny Sugar | 51 comments

BKAFBQB explores the rich history of the Eagles and notable backups.

free agency

This Week In F*** You: Having To Wait Six Months To Watch Ryan Fitzpatrick Underthrow Brandon Marshall

By Johnny Sugar | 49 comments

All these free agent moves become less exciting when you remember we have to wait another six months for football.

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Better Know A Former Backup QB: Alex Van Pelt

By Johnny Sugar | 32 comments

Has the same last name as Lucy from Peanuts, which is probably why, unlike many backup QBs, he was never the holder.