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The All-Hair Metal Arena Football League

By Johnny Sugar | 54 comments

1980s Hair Metal bands have some sick AFL buyin' money.

also failing: Jim Druckenmiller's shaved ice stand

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Jim Druckenmiller

By Johnny Sugar | 22 comments

I'm guessing that if you're a reasonably good QB, having huge hands does give you something of an advantage, but it probably can't help you if you suck.

Donte Stallworth

Roger Goodell Still Hasn’t Done Anything About Jim Irsay, And DeMaurice Smith Is Pissed

By Johnny Sugar | 55 comments

Another day has gone by without Jim Irsay being disciplined by the NFL in any way for his DUI arrest in March – in which he was also found with $29,029 in cash and several bottles of prescription drugs – and the NFLPA is starting to get pretty pissed.

Johnny Sugar

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Bubby Brister

By Johnny Sugar | 35 comments

Was actually a starter for a fair amount of his career, but since he had more seasons as a backup than a starter, he's still eligible for this feature.

Johnny Sugar

Mark Sanchez’s Buttfumble Jersey Sold For $820

By Johnny Sugar | 62 comments

You could have purchased a true piece of NFL history this weekend.

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel Falls To 128th On Browns Depth Chart

By Johnny Sugar | 30 comments

Whole lot of names before Johnny Football on the Browns depth chart.

Johnny Sugar

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Jason Garrett

By Johnny Sugar | 21 comments

Today, we look at former Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants QB Jason Garrett, who has kept a relatively low profile since retiring in 2000.