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Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan Throws Worst Interception Ever

By Johnny Sugar | 2 comments

He'll be hearing about this one for quite some time.

fun with quarterbacks

Alex Smith Rankings: Everybody Sucks Edition!

By Johnny Sugar | 8 comments

It's a difficult time for Alex Smith Rankings, because almost none of our favorite middling quarterbacks have been so much as adequate lately.

denver broncos

All The Different Ways Peyton Manning’s Career Could End

By Johnny Sugar | 15 comments

Let's look at some of the different possibilities for how #18 might ride off into the sunset.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers Leads Thrilling Packers Comeback Over Dolphins

By Johnny Sugar | 3 comments

Packers turned the fake spike back on the Dolphins to grab a late lead.

GOOD GUY Alex Smith

Alex Smith Rankings: Long Live Hoyer Country Edition!

By Johnny Sugar | 24 comments

Hey gang, it's time to see which just-below-average, average, and just-above-average quarterbacks are doing just enough to not completely screw things up for their teams!