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Klearinghouse: Pouncey Twins being sued for assault, Browns “alarmed” by Manziel

By Sarah Sprague | 73 comments

Was this a week for some stupid news or was this a week for some REALLY stupid news?

Cleveland Browns

Everything is coming up Cleveland this morning in the NFL

By Sarah Sprague | 78 comments

The Cleve is hot hot hot, because everyone is a winner before camp starts.

Johnny Football

The Johnny Manziel Celebrity Party List Challenge

By Sarah Sprague | 47 comments

Inspired by what party magic Johnny Football could create when given extra time off from the grind, we here at KSK would like offer Johnny Manziel a challenge.

factory of sadness

Local Media Encourages Johnny Manziel To ‘Act Like a Brown’

By Christmas Ape | 92 comments

In which a Browns beat writer suggests Manziel is an alcoholic.

johnny manziel

Here’s Your World Cup Johnny Football Pun

By Christmas Ape | 12 comments

I see what you did there, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel Cannot Help But Be Drunk Johnny Stacks

By Sarah Sprague | 19 comments

When you're the backup quarterback, what else are you going to do all summer other than drink?