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Klearinghouse: Championship hangover edition

By Big Sandy | 37 comments

Monday news round-up, including hero Vince Wilfork.

chicago bears

Bears About to Hire John Fox

By Spilly | 86 comments

Hey Bears fans! How would you like a coach who has solidly ridden on the success of Peyton Manning for three years?

Big Sandy

Entire Coaching Staff Out In Denver

By Big Sandy | 87 comments

John Fox out after four straight playoff seasons in Denver.

denver broncos

KSK Exclusive: John Fox’s Get Well Card From Peyton Manning

By Sarah Sprague | 21 comments

Nothing like putting off heart value surgery until after the season is over, especially when you have a relatively stress-free job like being the head coach of an NFL football team.

denver broncos

John Fox Doesn’t Regret Playing It Safe

By Danger Guerrero | 35 comments

Denver Broncos coach John Fox's decision to take a knee at the end of both the first and second half on Saturday -- despite having 20 and 31 seconds, and multiple timeouts -- was one of the more controversial, and perplexing, coaching moves of the weekend.


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