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backwater Brett

King Of The Locker Room Hijinks

By Monday Morning Punter | 31 comments

Everything in this post before the jump on this post is SFW.

and starring Charles Haley's penis as himself

The 49ers Need A Little Help

By Monday Morning Punter | 52 comments

[TEAM MEETING: 49ers practice facilitiy, Santa Clara, California]  HEAD COACH MIKE NOLAN: Alright men, I know we normally take Tuesday off, but we really need this win coming up this week.

gene upshaw

Upshaw Now Seeking Increased Benefits For Dead Players

By Monday Morning Punter | 24 comments

THE AFTERLIFE -- The late Gene Upshaw has been as active as ever.

jeez punter that's just wrong

Tiffany Will Cheer The Bengals To A 7-9 Record In 2008

By Monday Morning Punter | 49 comments

Some of you assholes would score a little more 'tang if you just opened your eyes and paid attention to the world around you.