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human trafficking is a serious problem

Mike Mayock’s ‘Other’ Big Board

By Monday Morning Punter | 52 comments

Don't get me wrong, there's no more exciting period in the spring than the NFL Draft, but once the draft is over, my time and energy goes to my second passion: ranking and grading the rising stars in the world of porn.

jeez punter that's just wrong

Huh wuh guh, uvveywun…

By Monday Morning Punter | 46 comments

Thunn, Nunn, Unght, Suvuh, Shicks, Fuvv, Fuhh, Frehh, Tehh, Wuhh.

captain caveman

KSK Off-Topic: Nazi Peanut Brings Levity, Style to Extermination of Jews

By Captain Caveman | 43 comments

Every now and again, we at KSK stumble across something outside the realm of professional football that we feel compelled to share, such as Beaker's adventures in the nation's capital.

chris mortensen

SEXY FRIDAY: Mort’s ‘Other’ Reports From The Bus

By Monday Morning Punter | 58 comments

On July 30th of this year, ESPN dispatched noted NFL reporter Chris Mortensen on a 21-city tour of the league's training camps.


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