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Big Sandy

Transcript: sideline conversation between Cutler and Marshall

By Big Sandy | 10 comments

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Bears debut radical “Cover None” Defense

By David Rappoccio | 17 comments

Chicago's 38 points given up in the first half is the most in their storied history of being a mean gritty football defensive machine since 1920.


KSK Story Time: That Time I Met Jay Cutler

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 37 comments

A children's treasury of fake Jay Cutler stories.

drawing lessons

How to Draw Jay Cutler

By David Rappoccio | 15 comments

You have to get the middle finger just right for Catler.

chicago bears

Jay Cutler Joins The Irresponsible DOOOONNNNTTTT CAAAARREEE For Vaccinations Herd

By Sarah Sprague | 322 comments

Sadly, Culter and Cavallari have fallen victim to conjecture and disproven theories and not only are putting their own children at risk, they are risking the health of other families around them.