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Jason Campbell: Coach Killer

By Eric Sollenberger | 17 comments

For the last five years, Jason Campbell's head coach has gotten the axe at the end of the year.

Cleveland Browns

Benched For Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell: A Football Life

By Eric Sollenberger | 23 comments

The Ballad of Jason Campbell just got a little bit sadder this morning when Rob Chudzinski announced that Campell had been supplanted by Brian Hoyer and his Upside as the Browns starting QB for this weekend's upcoming shootout against the Vikings.

chicago bears

The Best Moments From Bears-49ers

By Christmas Ape | 15 comments

Wasn't aware they booked a Mumford and Sons concert at Candlestick last night as well.

chicago bears

Bears-49ers Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 572 comments

That'll be just about it for Alex Smith as starter for the 49ers.

chicago bears

Bears-49ers Live Blog, First Half

By Christmas Ape | 783 comments

Prepare for a repeat of the drudgery of the last night's game, only with two actually impressive defenses present instead of the Steelers' and Ravens' units living off their reputations from a few years ago.

Chad Henne

Free Agentkkake Begins With ‘Skins Receiver Splurge (UPDATED)

By Christmas Ape | 29 comments

With the Redskins ostensibly hamstrung by the recent cap deduction, Washington has passed on big quarry like Vincent Jackson and is instead loading up on a bevy of no.

questionable practices at seaworld

Jason Campbell Converses With a Dolphin As Though It Were a Peer or Maybe Even a Lover

By Christmas Ape | 22 comments

Jason Campbell: Hey there dolphin. Dolphin: [Dolphin sounds] Jason Campbell: You mind if I call you Matthew Lilliard.