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Brandon Marshall

Cowboys-Bears TNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 846 comments

Romo vs. Cutler. No matter who wins, we get to laugh.

chicago bears

Jared Allen Signs With The Bears

By Christmas Ape | 39 comments

No NFC North pass rushers are allowed to leave the division, it seems.


Seahawks Look to Jared Allen to Help Rebuild a Struggling Defense

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 51 comments

In order to help rebuild a defense that only recorded 28 interceptions and 44 sacks during the 2013 regular season, ESPN has reported that the Seattle Seahawks will sign Jared Allen.


Jared Allen With The Sack Of The Year

By Christmas Ape | 11 comments

Monday Night Football between the Vikings and the Giants hasn't been much watch but it did feature the best sack of the year late in the first half.

Arian Foster

Childish Things — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 21 comments

Maybe it's because I went to public school where the teachers didn't care, but the last week leading up to Christmas I always associate with grade school days just before the Christmas break, when the teachers had nothing prepared and just wanted to kill time, so they either put on videos or hand out mindless activities to distract students.


Today In NFL Characters Playing To Type

By Christmas Ape | 11 comments

Busted Coverage has been all over the Gronk bro behavior beat this off-season.

Bill Belichick

Loogit All Them Purdy NFL Pictures

By Christmas Ape | 7 comments

At least the kid died with a creepy mustache.

Caddyshack II

Allen Gives The Old Golf Outing A Kick In The Ass

By Unsilent Majority | 42 comments

Jared Allen wanted to raise money for his charity, Homes for Wounded Warriors, so he did the sensible thing and hosted a golf outing.


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