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Blake Bortles

Thursday Night Football Is Over!

By Christmas Ape | 81 comments

We're free! Also, Jaguars win or something.

bishop sankey

Titans-Jaguars TNF Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 612 comments

Hey, there are already more touchdowns than last week's Thursday night game.

jacksonville jaguars

Thursday Night Hype: Titans – Jags

By Old James | 97 comments

We're gonna need all the hype in the universe for this one.

Big Sandy

The KSK Scale of Sadness: Halfway Home

By Big Sandy | 27 comments

And, lo, there is a new champion of sadness.

Blake Bortles

Jaguars Win First Game; Browns Suck Again

By Christmas Ape | 8 comments

Jags defense comes up big as Jacksonville upsets Cleveland.

jacksonville jaguars

KLEARINGHOUSE: Jaguars Welp Attire

By Christmas Ape | 22 comments

Plus, a lot of players are already injured.

chicago bears

Friday Preseason Open Thread: Battle Feline, Battle New York, Battle Bays, Battle WHO CARES

By Sarah Sprague | 359 comments

Nice little slate of games to watch while we get ready to go out for a late-summer Friday evening.


Jaguars-Bears Preseason Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 597 comments

Spend a preseason game making up your own Jay Cutler encounter.