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Andrew Luck

Jim Irsay Claims He Would Have Done A Better Job Protecting RGIII

By Christmas Ape | 24 comments

Anytime multiple franchise quarterbacks come out of the same draft class, it's assured they will be painstakingly compared to one another for the duration of their NFL careers.

indianapolis colts

Jim Irsay: The NFL’s Most Fratty Owner

By Christmas Ape | 67 comments

We already know Jim Irsay as the bro who never had to grow up.

baltimore ravens

A Most Bountiful Sunday Of NFL Nuggets

By Christmas Ape | 28 comments

Terrell Owens tweeted that the Seahawks cut him, forcing the above gentleman to have to take a loss on the masking tape he invested in his new T.

indianapolis colts

Shut Up, Jim Irsay

By Christmas Ape | 30 comments

RIDDLE/The Ranger's log was history on a frozen gate.

darnell dockett

Here Lies Kevin Kolb’s Jowly Sad Face

By Christmas Ape | 17 comments

With Peyton Manning on the verge of officially being on the market, a bunch of middling quarterbacks are about to get their feelings hurt.


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