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fun with OSHA violations

Packers fans explain the housing bubble collapse to us all

By flubby | 33 comments

A Steelers-Packers Super Bowl is worse than dying a thousand painful, lingering deaths.

howie long says that truck is gay

Flashback 1985: Immaculately coiffed Mark Gastineau calls out Howie Long

By flubby | 21 comments

I found some old YouTube clips of Mark Gastineau and Howie Long engaging in some half-hearted promos for NBC's old Superstars program.

exploiting your crotchfruit

A superhuman effort from Prince kept this from being the worst Vikings song of all time

By flubby | 65 comments

If you are a fan of pudgy white people dancing awkwardly, hoo boy do we have a treat for you.

inside a tailgate

Needs more John Fourcade…

By flubby | 32 comments

One thing I love about the NFL playoffs is that it inspires sincere, yet misguided, fans to produce YouTube videos that 1) are absolute comedy gold; and 2) make my job easier.

gratuitous simpsons references

Shanny Takes a Shine to Lindsay, Danny Doesn’t Deign to Speak

By Unsilent Majority | 17 comments

Dan Snyder landed himself a marquee coach to go with his new GM, and the trio was out celebrating last night.

guns blazin'

Inside a New Orleans tailgate: Saints fans show Jap teevee who’s undefeated

By flubby | 65 comments

This Youtube video was sent to us by readers and appeared on Deadspin as well as a couple other sites.

indianapolis colts

EAT, SLEEP, BREATHE COLTS (but mainly eat Colts)

By flubby | 30 comments

This afternoon we have another edition of the sporadic "Inside a Tailgate" series.

indianapolis colts

Get That Demon Liquor Up Out Of You!

By Christmas Ape | 44 comments

A be-poloed lad at a Chargers-Colts tailgate has a bit of a problem holding his booze after taking a beer bong hit and goes headfirst into a nearby grill.

dumb Redskins fans

When Leg-Dropping a Table on Asphalt Goes Wrong

By Unsilent Majority | 30 comments

So far this season I've remained true to my word to not return to FedEx Field until I am left with no other choice, and so far all I've missed out on is shitty alcohol, poorly grilled meat, a crowd filled with social assholes who'd rather yuk it up than agonize over the actual game, and the occasional dumb bitch trying to execute a running leg drop on an elevated table (sans opponent).


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