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Lord Roger Goodell: I’m not even supposed to be here today

By Sarah Sprague | 29 comments

Just peace and quiet out on the lake with a cooler of finest Bud Light Platinum courtesy of my groundskeeper Silky.

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Jim Irsay’s Arrest Wasn’t A Wake Up Call, It Was Just Stupid

By Christmas Ape | 85 comments

NFL player gets a DUI, he's supposedly an idiot. NFL owner does it and it's apparently a wake-up call.

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Police release helicopter footage of Jim Irsay’s DUI arrest

By PFT Commenter | 23 comments

h/t to @jksmlmf for the leak photo Lets talk about Jim Irsays drunk driving arrest today and what a absolute load of corned-beef baloney it is that it "happened" on St.

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Ryan Leaf sabotaged his interview with Jim Mora so that he could play in San Diego

By Eric Sollenberger | 31 comments

Power agent Leigh Steinberg has written a book about fast times and big money in the NFL.

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Manning vs. Brady: A Mostly Inaccurate Oral History of Football’s Most Annoying Rivalry

By Old James | 78 comments

This is the never-before-heard story of football’s most cherished rivalry, as told by those closest to them.

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Andrew Luck Shaves Off Beard, Goes Into Hiding.

By Sarah Sprague | 41 comments

After throwing four interceptions in Saturday's 43-22 drubbing at the hands of the New England Patriots, Andrew Luck decided to what any sane human being would do, he changed his appearance and went into hiding for the rest of the off-season.