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Friday Preseason Open Thread: Battle Feline, Battle New York, Battle Bays, Battle WHO CARES

By Sarah Sprague | 359 comments

Nice little slate of games to watch while we get ready to go out for a late-summer Friday evening.

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KSK 2014 NFL Prekkake: Green Bay Packers

By Christmas Ape | 69 comments

Will probably win their terrible division again.


Cheesy Names For The New Packers Dating Site

By Sarah Sprague | 176 comments

Good news single and looking Packers fans, there is a new dating site geared just for you!

Green Bay Packers

After Three Years Of Struggle Green Bay Fan Decides He’s Had Enough

By Sarah Sprague | 86 comments

This is why young people are awful. He has no real memory of the 1980s and the ten-year playoff absence Green Bay suffered. 16 playoff appearances in 20 years, Packer fan. You might just want to cool it a bit.

Green Bay Packers

The right to bare arms: Colin Kaepernick only went sleeveless to show off tattoos

By PFT Commenter | 46 comments

"So I propose that the league enact its OWN 2nd Amendment to preserve the right to bare arms for its land-owning male citizens under the right circumstances."