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Cleveland Browns

Jets Fans Somewhat Displeased With Godawful Quarter – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 46 comments

Someone has produced video of Jets fans berating and screaming obscenities at the team's players as they exited the field for the locker room at halftime of their blowout loss to New England on Thanksgiving.

denver broncos

‘Our Non-Aisle Seats Are Not Suited For Someone Of Your Carriage’

By Christmas Ape | 70 comments

We missed it when we watched the Broncos-Chargers Monday night game, but Busted Coverage spotted this mammoth Broncos fan space-eating in the front row of Qualcomm Stadium.

cincinnati bengals

The Best Moments From Week 4 Sunday

By Christmas Ape | 62 comments

Yesterday, I fell victim to that worst consequence of prolonged human interaction: being forced to miss most of an NFL Sunday because someone you know scheduled a wedding on a Sunday during football season.



By Christmas Ape | 25 comments

Jonathan Vilma's campaign of outward aggression toward Roger Goodell has been as persistent as it has been tremendous.

dallas cowboys

Lawrence Vickers: Latest Victim Of Ants In The Pants

By Christmas Ape | 28 comments

DamienGet More: SOUTHPARKmore... I would like to submit the lede of this story in a contest for the worst opening for a novel ever.

Alex Smith is f--king terrible

Tebow Bashing, Sports Illustrated Has It – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 12 comments

RT @jasonlynch: You're aware your own site tweeted about those INTs and asked "Trouble in paradise.

gratuitous simpsons references

Undrafted Linebacker Chooses Evil Over Injury

By Christmas Ape | 22 comments

One of Peter King's Tryout Guys, Andrew Sweat, an undrafted linebacker from Ohio State, said that rather than report to camp with the Browns and risk possibly dealing with a lifetime of lingering concussion issues, Sweat instead is going to law school.

gratuitous simpsons references

The Dolphins Are Dumb

By Danger Guerrero | 43 comments

Based on the vomit-soaked poop kabobs the Dolphins have rolled out at quarterback over the last few years, it comes as no surprise that they have been in the market for a new signal caller.


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