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captain caveman

KSK Off-Topic: The Song of Frances Barton

By Captain Caveman | 78 comments

Yesterday, resident KSKentuckian flubby directed our attention to this story, and without dipping into too much hyperbole, I can say that it is at once the saddest and funniest thing I've read all week.

boston brand racism

YYYYAAAHHH!!! Welkaaah’s Gettin’ Whiteaaahh!

By Christmas Ape | 45 comments

While Tommy Brady's droppin tha Hulk Hogan big boot on them daaahkies in the Big Apple, auld numbah one receivah Wes Welkaaah is fillin' up on the fortahfying seed a' the great Mistah Chaaahlie.

fun stereotypes

Daaaahkie Day is Really Paytreeuts Day

By Christmas Ape | 19 comments

All ya haters say we gowt a problem with tha daaaahkies in Bahstan but we elected a black gov'nah in Massachusetts and it's nice to see the daaaahkies finally gave us something in return: A day off to celebrate tha Paytreeuts domination a' tha Chaaaaaarjahs and a return to tha Sooper Bowl.

fun stereotypes

The Fackin’ Paytree-uts Ahh 17-0 Now, You Fackin’ Flarrriduh White Trash!

By Big Daddy Drew | 56 comments

Did you fackin' facks from Flarrriduh really think you could keep up with Tawmmy Braydee and my beloved Pats.

fun stereotypes

Omigod, Such A Big Game! What Do I Wear To The Stadium?

By Big Daddy Drew | 6 comments

Omigod, everyone's gonna be watching and I haven't got a THING to wear.

Big Daddy Drew

The Fackin’ Patree-uts Are Fackin’ 16-0, You Fackin’ S—tbawxes!

By Big Daddy Drew | 32 comments

You fackin' Paytree-ut haters out there thought we couldn't go 16-0.


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